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High-performance electron cart platform foreign electricity suppliers system high load high concurrency, high efficiency, high-speed, distributed,
High-performance electron cart systems With these various techniques and optimization, then do not worry for the lost one; using this system you can sit back and relax boss Monetize your friends!

Core features are as follows:

  1. Database separate read and write speed
  2. memcached buffering speed
  3. HTML static pages acceleration
  4. image support CDN
  5. Images watermarked image server separation
  6. DNS round robin mirror server
  7. Multi-language support
  8. multi-currency support
  9. Orders report statistical analysis
  10. product price concessions deal
  11. Page layout can be flexibly configured
  12. multi-server load balanced layout
  13. Batch printing orders
  14. export orders
  15. export data analysis
  16. safety reliability
  17. all the details of the optimization process

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